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Shamrock Update #8 new flash

2009-02-02 14:32:25 by ufmshamrock

Hello everybody.

Im here to say that im working on a brand new flash that i hope to actually complete this time.
ill give more details but it a game about life and and the important decisions we make in life!! should be exciting.

more details later

what going on in the life of (ufm) Shamrock

2008-12-21 13:36:28 by ufmshamrock

Hello Readers

I'm quickly writing this small update on what going on. im currently planning 2 new flashs... hopefully.. one will be done in the next 3 days.. and other should be finished in January. Both of this these flashes are comedys, one is a short story like one... and the other is a parody.. i will not give anymore info on them..

anyway.. gonna work on one of the flashs now!

-Peace out Newgrounders


what going on in the life of (ufm) Shamrock

Yay.. level 7 tommorow

2008-12-18 15:57:43 by ufmshamrock

LOL... so im just happy.. that at well be at the same level as my one of my best friends.. tommorow
level 7 her i come

can you name this 4 faces?

2008-12-16 00:19:16 by ufmshamrock

Hi ... i need this for my flash.... please post a reponce with your answers

can you name this 4 faces?

New song yay!!

2008-11-27 15:26:07 by ufmshamrock

hey everyone,

Just finished a new song and it should be in the Audio Portal in a few moments.. It's Called Walking though time.

another new audio portal submission!!! (#2) & (3)

2008-11-15 02:58:55 by ufmshamrock

Hey Friends and Newgrounds user.. Whats up..

Im here to let you know that my second audio portal submission will be here today ( nov.15th at around 8:00-11:00 ( depends when i wake up..).. if your wondering i'm not submitting it now because it 3:00 am.. and i don't think there is enough people on at this time to listen to it on the new submission list. the song will be called "One Last Time" ... however , my song i submitted 2 days ago,.. "Project_1" is up so feel free to listen to that.. ( Just look on my profile to find it....)

Edit: I just made a small quick that im gonna upload today.. it will be called "Around The Moon"

Later Newgrounds users..

- UfmShamrock

Thats Right Everybody... i finally have somthing to submit to newgrounds.. ( About Frigin Time) hope you like it.. should be up in a few days

New works in progress

2008-07-18 19:56:29 by ufmshamrock

Hello, i am pleased to inform you all that im starting some new flash projects

1. is a funny one about i guy trapped in a cage.

2. the second is one based on a bathroom monologue but it not about bathrooms... that all im gonna let you guys know, whoever reads this

Hello and audio submission

2008-07-13 09:51:59 by ufmshamrock

Hello Everybody, This is my first post. I'm Shamrock, and I have been at Newgrounds for awhile.(but never made a account till now) Not only did i write this post to say hello, but also to tell you that I'm working on a piece for the audio portal. Im not to sure how well it will do, but time will tell. I will keep you updated on it's progress..